Supplier Registration Service

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Supply of Computers and Hardware
Building and Construction
Cleaning Services
Transportation Services
Software solutions and information technology
Food Supplier
Office Furniture
Hotels & Hospitality
Consulting Companies: Professional / Technical / Administrative / Engineering
Building Maintenance work
Print publications / Digital Printing
Audit Companies
Maintenance Elevators
Safety & Security Services
Travel & Tourism
Publicity & Advertising
Training Services
Translation Services
Please attach copies of the following validity Documents :
1. Copy of commercial registration. *
2. Copy of the certificate of Affiliation to the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. *
3. Copy of certificate of registration that the council tenders (if any). *
4. A copy of the computer papers. *
5. Names of the authorized to sign. *

I certify that this information is completely correct, and will bear full responsibility if it turns out that there is any error in this information.